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This Week in Music

Year 2 have been exploring the difference between pulse and rhythm. We spoke about the rhythm being the pattern of the words and every sound that they hear in the song. In class were split into two groups, one showing the pulse on their knees and the other clapping the rhythm. It was a good challenge for the children to stick to their allocated part whilst watching the other half perform the opposite. The next task was to take this challenge further as the children were in pairs. They were given the independence to allocate which of them was performing the pulse and the rhythm, how they would present each with body percussion i.e. clapping, patting knees, stamping, and then their final decision was to choice a key song to perform it with.

They rehearsed together and many chose to be back to back to help them stick to their part. Performing in a pair was far more exposing without the help of others around them. They showed their work to the class who had to guess who was doing the pulse and the rhythm. This was a tough task, but I was so impressed that the children tackled it so assertively.