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Chemistry in Action

As part of Science Fortnight, we had an amazing opportunity to show pupils how chemistry stretches beyond the classroom by attending ‘Chemistry in Action’ at the Emmanuel Centre in London. The event consisted of five sessions which were delivered by leading chemists in Academica and the scientific industry. The topics discussed at the event included;  

  • The Unknown Metals which looked at specific metals that are used in the renewable energy industry.  
  • Chemistry in Conflict which focused on the weirdest ways chemistry has changed military history.  
  • When Medicine Becomes Drugs which showed how a small chemical change separates a molecule that heals from a molecule that harms.  
  • How Chiral Materials Will Change the World which reviewed miraculous molecular structures that exist as non-superimposable mirror image which have remarkable different properties. 
  • Making invisible visible which looked at the cutting-edge techniques used to reveal hidden evidence.  
  • There was also a special session on examination success which gave pupils an insight how to prepare for and thrive in their examinations.   

Nicholas W (Winfield House) had the following to say about the event: “The Chemistry in Action Day was wonderful. It gave me an insight into how chemistry can be used in the real world. My favourite talk was the chemistry in conflict lecture because I loved the idea of being able to see what has happened in a place by looking at the chemistry.” 

Mrs Khan, Teacher of Chemistry