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Honey Competition Results

Our Honey Competition has been a massive success! Year 9 pupils were asked to create a poster showing a timeline of events of how honey is made, Year 10 researched and presented the best range of plants and flowers for bees. Year 11 pupils were tasked with investigating a solution to one of the following threats that bees face 1). Habitat loss 2). Climate change 3). Toxic Pesticides 4). Disease.

Well done to Aidan (Oak) who won the Year 9 category. Aidan produced an excellent poster outlining the life of a bee and how honey is produced! Aiden’s poster will be shared on social media and the school TV.

Artem (Ridgeway) was our winner from Year 10 for his great research on the best plants and flowers for bees. Artem will be involved in planting these around our grounds.

The Year 11 winner is Emerson (Oak) who presented fantastic solutions to the issues faced by bees!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the competition!