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This week, one of our newest Junior Librarians, Tobi from 2JB, has selected one of our magazines as his ‘Book of the Week’.

Tobi has chosen a Lego Special Edition magazine.

Tobi’s reason for his choice:

I really love Lego and the Lego magazines have stories, activities and quizzes – something for everyone!”

Mrs Harvey would also recommend children’s magazines: Magazines and comics educate and entertain – children learn that reading has a variety of purposes – reading a favourite magazine or comic forms lifelong reading habits.

Through magazines children are exposed to a wide variety of texts and lots of interactive content. From stories, poems, and action rhymes to nonfiction, crafts, puzzles, and games, children’s magazines can offer an abundance of high-interest content to support the curriculum.

Literary magazines are full of content that supports growing readers in their literacy development and inspires their love of reading.  With colourful artwork and photos, magazines bring an array of content to life for young readers. Magazine pieces offer short text and can be used for instruction in many literacy skill areas. Children are exposed to a variety of texts that encourage them to read, listen, learn and interact with engaging content. Literacy skills such as story elements, main idea, details, characterisation, cause and effect, predictions, inferences, and more can be addressed in a fun way with the wonderful content offered in children’s magazines.

Non-fiction magazines, such as National Geographic Kids, are great resources for teaching text and graphic features. These features include captions, headings, bolded words, content vocabulary, sidebars, charts, and graphs. Visual aids help students connect with text and make topics come to life. Magazines can offer timely topics that connect with content areas. Content can include history, science, nature, maths, technology and the arts all in one beautifully illustrated magazine. These articles can offer a springboard for further discussion and research and can support what children are learning in the content areas. Grimsdell children often share with me that they tell their families about the topics they explore in a magazine. This often leads to family conversations and further exploration at the library and through online resources. They love coming back to tell me all about the new information, photos, and videos they discovered! Lots of magazine experiments, recipes, crafts, games and other activities can also be shared at home as a way of engaging families in literacy and learning together!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey