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Book of the Week

Our final Book of the Week for this term has been selected by the Junior Librarian, Kai from 2NS.

Kai has chosen The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar written by Russell Punter and illustrated by Andy Elkerton.

Kai’s reason for his choice:

“This is a really funny story which I think every Grimsdell child will enjoy!”

Mrs Harvey would support Kai’s recommendation. Dinosaur stories always have shelf appeal and this book is no different. It tells the story of Sid, who likes scaring his friends with his mighty ROAR – which they don’t always like or find funny. One day, Sid loses his voice – will his friends wish he hadn’t?

The bright and colourful illustrations draw the reader in and the story touches upon the theme of friendship and the importance of being brave and kind. From a literary perspective, the varied font size and style used throughout the book encourages the reader to think about the author’s intent. What is s/he trying to convey? It challenges the reader to think more deeply about the story and the author’s purpose – which, in turn, develops the reader’s wider reading comprehension skills.

The are many reasons why an author changes the font size and style in a story. The use of certain fonts can make a reader feel a specific emotion. Alternatively,  it can be used to express the personality or characteristics of a particular individual in the story. A change in font may indicate the internal thoughts of a character as opposed to what it being said out loud. Font size and style may be used by an author to draw out the subtle nuances within a story.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey