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Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Meet Ms Nicol’s Brother Mike

Meet Ms Nicol’s brother Mike. He has spoken to us about his life and experiences as a neurodiverse individual.

Mike has a diagnosis for semantic pragmatic differences which is now on the ASD spectrum. However, this was not the case when he was younger because it was only seen as language and communication difficulties.

Between the ages of 6-11 Mike attended a specialist language unit, which was attached to a mainstream school. He then went to a mainstream secondary school, and the wonderful Teaching Assistants made all the difference in his journey. Eventually, Mike continued his education in America on a golf scholarship, but not before he had to complete the American SAT’s which is a very different way to assess a pupil compared with the UK. Mike worked incredibly hard and completed the SATs. Not only that, but he also turned pro and completed the Professional Golfers Association degree.

“Mike is one of the most resilient people I know and his journey to date has been a marathon!” Ms Nicol (Teacher of Maths, Girls’ Games and Head of PSHE)