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Pupil Voice Update

The start of the term saw three representatives from Pupil Voice (Full Council, Food Council and Boarders’ Council) address the School to summarise their recent work. The most noticeable progress was maintenance repairs, access to emergency sanitary products, publicising sandwich availability at lunchtimes and creating an anonymous online feedback form where pupils can suggest ideas and raise concerns.  

To increase awareness of Pupil Voice, posters with QR codes linking to the feedback form have been displayed around the School and the form is also available on Firefly. Recently, Mrs Sanchez, Head attended a Full Council meeting where she heard comments and suggestions from the council. Suggestions included a Pupil Voice badge for those that do not wear ties, a healthy vending machine, and location ideas for bag racks and additional toilets. Mrs Sanchez eagerly took everything on board and thanked pupils for their input. It is wonderful that Mrs Sanchez always takes such a keen interest in Pupil Voice to ensure pupils know they are being heard.  

This term, we welcomed Mr Meakin, Assistant Head (Boarding) to Mill Hill. The Boarders’ Council have enjoyed open conversations with him regarding the Boarding Timetable, weekday activities, weekend trips and House facilities. These meetings give pupils a forum to share opinions and recommendations on behalf of their peers and allow Mr Meakin to provide immediate feedback and collaborate directly with Boarders.  

I have been very impressed with the progress made by pupil contributions throughout the Spring Term, and I am excited for them to continue their good work next term.  

Ms Wong, Head of Games and Activities Co-ordinator 

The image above shows the following pupils:

  • Top Row: Toni J (Ridgeway House), Tolu A (Priestley House), Kate K (Ridgeway House) and Volodymyr M (Priestley House).
  • Middle Row: Sophie D (Cedars House), Agnes K (Murray House), Eva B (School House), Asha S (McClure House), Lara Z (Macgregor House) and Monica L (Macgregor House).
  • Bottom Row: Luke D (Cedars House), Otto T (Atkinson House), Ksha R S (Burton Bank House), Kayra L (Burton Bank House) and Nida K (Burton Bank House).
  • Not Pictured: Regina S (Macgregor House), Frankie M (Murray House), Amir Z (Ridgeway House), Olayiwola O (Ridgeway House), Inaaya C (Collinson House) and Hanna S (Collinson House).