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The Big Water Walk

Our pupils have participated in the ‘Big Water Walk’ to raise money for the charity Project Water! The charity seeks to make life-changing impacts on the communities in the Berbere districts of Ethiopia. Pupils carried as much soil as they could in bags to represent the communities who walk for hours to collect fresh drinking water. They walked through the Arrandene’s open space and met with teachers at the checkpoints to answer questions about countries and water supplies.

There are currently 771 million people worldwide without access to clean water. Our pupils set out to raise as much money as possible to help communities in other countries access safe and clean drinking water.

Before the pupils set off, they watched a short documentary highlighting the effects of the water crisis in countries such as South Africa and Mexico. Four years ago, Cape Town announced it was nearing ‘Day Zero’ – the day when Cape Town would officially run out of water. However, they have avoided Day Zero through water restrictions and community efforts!

Well done to all the pupils and staff that took part! We hope to continue to raise money for amazing charities like Project Water.