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This week in KAPLA Workshop…

Wow!  What an amazing 2 days Grimsdell has had. The Kapla workshop was an exciting time for the children and the parents too! Kapla is a construction game in which each plank is the same. The planks are made of 100% pine wood that require no fixing or gluing, but piled skillfully and methodically on top of each other, this is what every child in Grimsdell did. Each child from Nursery to Year 2 connected their parts to bigger parts, and then even bigger parts to make magnificent exhibition. This workshop allowed children to explore with Kapla planks and allowed them to think about the scientific reasoning for a collapse whilst providing an opportunity to rethink, try, and start again. The children were very proud of their magnificent structures but equally excited when the destruction process took place. 

More Science is taking place next week. Watch this space!