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This week in Music…

Reception have been exploring ostinato further in their task time. This week we sang ‘A Sailor went to Sea’ and chose the repeating “sea, sea, sea” rhythm as our ostinato. The children were brilliant at singing this in their thinking voice to ensure the rhythm was correct. Once we had mastered this using body percussion (clapping etc) we went on to use the percussion instruments. The children have become very familiar with some of these instruments over the course of the academic year and I am so impressed with their knowledge of how to accurately play the instruments and how they are able to use the correct names for them. This week they used castanets, claves and shakers.  

Year 1 are making great progress with their production ‘Ready to Launch’ and are enjoying learning their songs and getting into character as space cadets and planets! Their enthusiasm is wonderful, and I am looking forward to putting it all together as a year group soon.