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This week in Nursery…

What a truly eggciting week!

Our duck egg delivery arrived on Tuesday. We received 5 eggs and the children have loved watching them hatch, learning how to look after the eggs, the ducks and teaching anyone that may pop into Nursery about how they should be looked after. The children have been creating a duck diary to record the process.  

They enjoyed learning the new sound ‘m’. They decorated their sound card with maps. They even had a tasty treat of mango to link with the sound.  

The children have also been exploring space, rockets and planets as part of the topic. They have enjoyed the small world play linked to this and have created rockets using shapes and paint.  

Pupils also took part in a Kapla workshop this week. The children loved building the structures and listened incredibly carefully to what the lady was asking them to do and how to build the perfect building.