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This week in Nursery…

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery. The children came in to school on Monday to find the role play area had been transformed into a vets. This was an extremely popular spot over the week and all the children spent time in there looking after the animals and each other. J

They also had a Superhero area in the outside gated space. The children became incredibly independent over the week to put on and take off their Superhero costumes. They enjoyed being Superheroes that save the world and look after each other, we were lucky enough to only have imaginary baddies in Nursery.

The children enjoyed learning our new sound ‘g’. They decorated their sound card using gold paint and gold pen.

This week we looked in greater detail at the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. The children used stick puppets to re-tell the story and created their own Supertato puppets too. The children searched or Evil pea using the tweezers and had a go at mashing the peas in the water tray too.

On Tuesday the children had a wonderful visit from a veterinary nurse. She told us all about her job, she gave Hollie a check-up and then introduced us to her lovely Kitten Jammie Dodger.

This week the children also created their own Superheroes, they were given a choice about how they wanted to create it and the adults then scribed the names and superpowers they had given them. We were pleased that many of the superheroes helped others.