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This week in Reception…

A great week Reception! We have been busy being scientists during our second week celebrating all things Science!

This week during Science Week we have been looking at plants carefully whilst taking observations paintings using water colours. We had a visit from Naughty Nora, a cheeky puppy who dug up flowers within a flower bed. As a class we helped her by planting sunflower seeds. We have had many visits to the Science Garden where we have observed wildlife and taken our fruit peelings to the compost bins.

On Friday, we had a special visit from the biology students at Mill Hill. They impressed us with their scientific knowledge about acids and alkalis. We used pipettes to make different solutions such as lemon juice and vinegar to create a coloured pattern on a rabbit template.

In Literacy, we learned the blend ‘sl’ to enable us to read 4 letter words and created slugs from playdough. We learned the twin letters ‘ff’ which make a longer sound when read together. We have made Puffa fish using paint and forks! We have been developing our detective skills when spotting digraphs in words.

In Maths this week our focus has been ‘Re-grouping the whole’. We have explored different ways of making a number using counters and objects.