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This week in Reception…

This week we have started with Eco Warriors. As a class we have been emptying the recycling bin and taking the old fruit peelings to the compost heaps. We enjoy looking after our environment and the world around us.

In Phonics we learned the constant blend ‘sp’ to enable us to read 4,5 and 6 letter words such as ‘speed’. We learned the twin letters ‘zz’ which together make a longer sound when read aloud. We were ‘buzzy bees’ finding the ‘zz’ words hidden around the classroom. Then read the word and put it in the treasure chest if it was a real word and the ‘bin’ if it was a fake word.

In Maths this week we have continued to secure our learning of ‘Re-grouping the whole’. We have explored different ways to make a number using Numicon pieces and using the language of ‘part’ and ‘whole’ to explain our understanding. During our Cabin Days we were fining the parts of a whole number by using natural resources we could find; stones, twigs and even leaves.