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This week in Year 1…

This week has been an exciting Science Week. We enjoyed being Scientists, investigating and exploring many different projects with a focus on growing. We each planted sunflower seeds that the children will bring home at the end of term. We have been watching our caterpillars grow and they are beginning to form a cocoon. In literacy, the children have been learning to recognise the life cycle of a butterfly and using their observational skills to label and write captions for each stage of the cycle using scientific vocabulary.

As a cross foundation Science project, the children had an opportunity to visit Belmont and work collaboratively with the Year 5 students to make bird feeders. The children really enjoyed taking part in this activity.

We had a great time at the Science Museum where we took part in a workshop. We imagined we were astronauts and learnt about being in the International Space Station and how we would eat, sleep, exercise and go to the toilet! It was great fun. We also looked around the Space Gallery which the children found interesting and asked lots of questions. The coach journey was very long both ways; however the children were amazing and so patient. Well done Year 1!