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This week in Year 2…

The children arrived to find another letter from Bob. With excitement, they opened it and discovered he had left another book called ‘Meet the Planets’ by Caryl Hart. The children began to find out all about the other planets, like where Bob’s friends, Billy (man on Mars) and Sam (man on Saturn) live. 

In Geography, we learned about the ‘invisible’ belt around the centre of the earth called ‘the Equator’. We discovered that countries near the Equator are warmer than those further away as they are closer to the sun. The children worked in small groups to share their knowledge and to practise their geographical vocabulary. They took turns to film each other identifying the Equator on a globe and locate/name countries that are warm or cold, explaining how they know. Please check out Seesaw to find out the children’s learning. 

In English, we discussed the planets in our solar system including their features and other facts about them. We used this knowledge to create riddles. Their steps to success included:  

I can write in the first person. 

I can order my clues to gradually become easier/more obvious. 

I can use adjectives to describe. 

So, the children used their knowledge to make up their own riddle using the first person and finishing their riddle with ‘Which planet am I?’ They had lots of fun guessing! 

In Phonics we introduced the -ge, -dge (/j/) at the end of words as in bulge, charge, bridge, fudge. The children accurately read words and sentences with unfamiliar words containing the taught sound.