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A Level Spanish Trip to Granada!

A group of A Level Spanish pupils went on a five day trip to Granada at the beginning of the Easter holidays. They explored the rich Arabic heritage of the city and immersed themselves in the culture and language.  

They spent the mornings attending language lessons at Castila, some of the lessons were outdoors and involved pupils talking to the locals to find out more about the town and culture. They also spent a morning in the Mercado de San Agustín where they spoke with vendors to learn food expressions and find out more about Andalusian gastronomy.  

One of the highlights of the trip was a cooking class with Cookele. Pupils prepared and cooked a three-meal course as a group. The meal included paella and gazpacho, which was delicious. As part of the cultural visits, pupils had the opportunity to visit La Alhambra Palace and went on a day trip to Córdoba to visit the Mezquita Catedral. Pupils enjoyed learning about both monuments thanks to our guide, Miguel, who is an expert on Arabic studies. Overall, pupils had a fantastic experience, and many said that they would love to return in the future! 

Ms Catena
Head of Spanish