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Eco Week

This week, pupils have enjoyed a wonderful few days celebrating all things Eco.

The week commenced with the children spending time appreciating and experiencing nature. Particular attention was paid to the sights and sounds of the birds and the children created beautiful bird feeders to take home and put in their own gardens.

Watching the ducklings hatch caused great excitement amongst pupils and staff alike and a variety of interesting duck names have been proposed. Our first two ducklings have been named Charles and Camilla and any further name suggestions for the rest of the ducklings will be gratefully received. Over the coming weeks, the children will continue to watch the development and progression of the ducklings who will eventually take up a new home on the school lake.

Care for the environment was demonstrated in a very practical way by many enthusiastic pupils who offered their services as litter pickers, and the Eco Club encouraged parents to turn off their car engines whilst waiting for their children at the end of each day.

At the end of the week, the Eco Club members from Belmont, Grimsdell and Mill Hill met together to place pre-made bird feeders within the grounds of Mill Hill School. These feeders will help feed the birds through the year and give them a better chance of survival as birds when food is difficult to find over the course of the year.

Thank you to everyone who has carried out small changes that will help our planet!

Mrs L Dobson
Outdoor Learning Coordinator