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A Level Business Pupils Visit the Mini Car Plant in Oxford

Pupils studying A Level Business recently had an exciting and educational opportunity to visit the Mini Car Plant in Oxford. The purpose of the trip was to provide them with real-life experiences directly related to their upcoming Paper Three exam, which focuses on the car industry. The pupils had an enlightening time and represented Mill Hill as outstanding ambassadors. 

Throughout the visit, the pupils were captivated by the fascinating world of car manufacturing. They were particularly amazed by the robots and automated processes that contribute to the production of these iconic vehicles. The sheer scale of the operation was mind-boggling, as one of the factories we saw was the size of a whopping 50 football pitches! The pupils eagerly absorbed the knowledge and insights shared by the plant staff, enriching their understanding of the car industry. 

One of the pupils enthusiastically exclaimed, “I love this so much; it’s been the best day!” This sentiment echoed the feelings of many others who thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Witnessing the behind-the-scenes workings of such a renowned car manufacturer left a lasting impression on them. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just the educational aspect of the trip that made it memorable. After the plant tour, we made a delightful detour to Bicester Village for a spot of lunch and shopping. This well-deserved break allowed them to relax, bond, and enjoy their time outside of school.  

The Business and Economics Department would like to commend the pupils for their exemplary behaviour and engagement throughout the trip. They showcased the utmost respect, curiosity, and enthusiasm, which reflects positively on Mill Hill School. Such experiences enhance their knowledge and understanding and contribute to their personal growth and development. 

As they prepare for their upcoming exams, we encourage pupils to reflect on the valuable insights gained during this trip. We have no doubt that their visit to the Mini Car Plant in Oxford will prove beneficial as they tackle the challenges of their Paper Three exam. The Business and Economics department wishes all the pupils the very best in their upcoming exams and commends them once again for their exceptional conduct. 

Mr Malik
Teacher of Business