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Lower Sixth Production of Nora: A Doll’s House

This week, Lower Sixth pupils gave a powerful and poignant performance of Stef Smith’s Nora: A Doll’s House. This contemporary adaptation of Ibsen’s classic play follows Nora’s story of discovering her true value through three different time periods and asks audiences to consider how much has really changed for women over the last century. 

The ensemble cast was led magnificently by Grace C (Priestley House), Frankie M (Murray House), and Emily R (Murray House), as Nora in 2018, 1968, and 1918 respectively. They engaged the audience from the play’s opening moments, their lives interweaving across decades as each one faced the impossible decision of whether to leave their husband and children. Sam S (School House), Sonny S (Priestley House), and Noah K (McClure House) were charming and menacing in turn as Nora’s affectionate but condescending husband Thomas. 

Isabella Y (Atkinson House), Sophie D (Cedars House), and Annabel B (McClure House) brought light and tenderness to the play as Nora’s caring friend Christine, while Josh M (Atkinson House) and Patrick W (School House) brilliantly ramped up the tension as the desperate, blackmailing Nathan. The cast was rounded out by Louis Y (McClure House) and Blake M (Murray House), who pulled on the heartstrings as the sick but resilient Daniel.  

Sammy M’s (Weymouth House) lighting design, as always, truly brought the story to life, with the scenes being illuminated by luminous doorframes that highlighted Nora’s trapped existence, and the possibility of a better world outside. 

As Grace, Frankie and Emily gave their final rousing message of support to women everywhere, there was little doubt that this was a performance that would stay with audience members long after they’d left the theatre. 

Elsewhere, rehearsals continue for next term’s Lower School productions: Diamond Princess, an original cruise ship comedy written by Mrs Wright (Teacher of Drama) and a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, written by Sofia L (Priestley House). We hope to see many of you there! 

Mr Gatherer
Director of Theatrical Performance