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Meet Lucia Hull

Meet Lucia Hull, the Director of Development at Mill Hill School. We spoke with her to learn more about her role here at Mill Hill.

How long have you worked at the school? 

I joined the foundation in January this year. I am still learning a lot about each school every day. It really helps to have Old Millhillian Ms Francesca Forte (Atkinson House, 2012-2017) in my team. She is the School Archivist and knows everything you could ever wish to know about Mill Hill.

What does your role involve? 

As Director of Development, I look after our very special benefactor community of parents, Old Millhillians and many others who generously support bursary pupils and new developments across the school site. 

The school has an incredible philanthropic history. To give you one example, Grimsdell’s name comes from an Old Millhillian who left a gift to the school in his will. This enabled the school to convert what was a boarding house called Winterstoke into our award-winning Pre Prep school. I was lucky enough to see a Year 1 performance just a few weeks ago; the children put on such an amazing show and clearly enjoyed the performance so much. It was a pleasure to attend, and I could have watched all day. 

I find it fascinating to see the connection between the school’s philanthropic history and its current success. It is an exciting time for The Foundation, and I feel very privileged to have taken up this role. 

What is your favourite thing at the school? 

If I had to choose one, it would be meeting so many brilliant people across The Foundation. Whether it be staff at any of the seven schools, parents, Old Millhillians or pupils, I’ve had an incredibly warm welcome. Thank you!

Do you have any advice for our pupils which could help them to get the most out of their time at the school? 

My advice would be to try not to compare yourself to those around you but focus on progressing in your own work. This might be a little easier said than done! 

What is your favourite book and why? 

I recently enjoyed the book ‘Four Thousand Weeks‘ by contemporary philosopher Oliver Burkeman. He reflects on our culture of busyness and how our approach to time, productivity and community has been shaped across the centuries. It is definitely worth a read if you enjoy reflecting on that sort of thing. 

Could you share an inspirational quote with us? 

‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.’ Plato.

Can you tell us something that we might not know about you? 

I grew up in West London and decided to try something completely different when I went to university. I chose to go to St Andrews, where I studied Theology. As a tiny seaside town, it completely contrasted everything I was used to in London. I absolutely loved my time there and would recommend it to anyone.