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Mill Hill Senior Basketball Team Takes on Watford Grammar School in Finals!

Last term, the Mill Hill Senior Team performed exceptionally well and beat University College School in the Basketball semifinals. This term they played against Watford Grammar School in the finals, which took place at Saracens High School. We are delighted to announce that Rafael V-B (Murray House) scored 38 points in the final which is a career-high for him!  

In the first half, Watford took the lead by 25 points which put our key players including Savion S (Cedars House) and Ethan S (School House), into early trouble. However, our team rose to the challenge and changed its strategy in the second half. Ajani D (Priestley House) and Volodymyr M (Priestley House) played fantastically and scored defensive rebounds after forcing difficult shots. Edgar G (Priestley House) also played a crucial defensive role, which made it difficult for Watford to get good scoring opportunities. 

In the fourth quarter, the team had to reduce the deficit to just eight points after being down by 25 points. Watford recognised that Rafael V-B (Murray House) was scoring and started to stop his path to the basket. This led to other Mill Hill players finding opportunities to approach the hoop and score. 

Kyle R (McClure House) scored two fantastic shots and brought Mill Hill within one point of Watford. With a minute left on the clock, Watford’s number 13 fouled out and Watford decided to run into the middle of our team but fumbled the ball. Leo B (School House) picked up the ball and passed it to Ethan S (School House) which led to an easy finish. Mill Hill extended their lead in the game’s final seconds by scoring goals from the free throw line after multiple fouls from the opposition, which allowed them to seal the win 78-75. 

The team demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the game which made it an exciting and intense final. Congratulations to Mill Hill on their victory and to Watford Grammar School for playing their part in a great final!

Mr Mansilla
Head of Basketball