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This week in Music…

Last week, Year 1 wowed us all with their performance of ‘Ready to Launch’ at the wonderful Patrick Troughton Theatre at Mill Hill School.

They had been working extremely hard last term to prepare for a show in the first week back and they astounded me with how much information they had retained over the holiday.

The production took them on a journey to space to explore the possibility of inhabiting a new planet. After visiting the planets and learning why humans couldn’t thrive there, they delivered the important message that Earth is the only planet for us and therefore we must look after it. This was reiterated with a special video montage at the end where the children filmed themselves at home taking steps to care for our planet by recycling, turning off lights etc.

Every child had lines to say, and they delivered them with amazing clarity and confidence whilst navigating the use of a handheld mic with incredible professionalism. They sang beautifully, with some children singing solo, and danced with joy and aplomb. Whilst watching these capable children on stage it was hard to believe that they are only 5 and 6 years old! A huge well done to all and thank you to everyone who helped to support the show.