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This week in Reception…

An excellent week Reception!

This week has been ‘Mental Health Week’ with a focus on ‘anxiety’. In Reception we listened to the story of ‘The  Worrysaurous’ by Rachel Bright. This text taught us all about sharing our worries to make them smaller and doing things for ourselves and what we enjoy! After our Circle Time, we made Worry Dolls using lolly sticks and wool. We then shared our worries with our teachers and friends. We will keep our Worry Dolls in our trays, pockets and with us at home to share our worries too and to help us when we are feeling anxious. Well done Reception.

In addition to making Worry Dolls, RAM and RHH took part in a ‘Spa Day’ within the Cabin, where the children took a day to relax and look after their bodies and minds. They joined in giving massages to each other, dipping their toes into a bubble bath and reading magazines in the sunshine. What a wonderful experience. RAB will be taking part in their Spa Day on Tuesday!

We have been busy creating our own ‘Wild Thing’ by carefully penciling the outline of a Wild thing to then paint with watercolours. We learned what an adjective is and how we can describe characters to make our writing more interesting. We gave our Wild things a name and wrote adjectives around our character.