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U13 Girls’ Cricket

On Wednesday, the U13 Girls’ Cricket Team played their County Cup semi-final against Berkhamsted. Belmont went into bat first and a great partnership producing over 50 runs was made between the opening batters, Martha (7FH) and Lucy (8CM), putting us in good stride.

Berkhamsted only took four wickets and Belmont batted the full 20 overs with a run total of 103, including runs from Fifi (8LM), Alba (8OM) and Ava (8CM). Berkhamsted came out strong with their batting, but Belmont managed to take two early wickets thanks to a fantastic bowl by Lucy and a great catch by Martha.

It was hard work in the field with the sun beaming down, yet the Belmont players worked tirelessly to take another two wickets, including the rocket bowl from Jess (8CM) and the left-handed swirl from Lauren (8RA). The score was closing in and when we desperately need another wicket, we found it with a brilliant run out.

Going into the final over, Berkhamsted needed just two runs from six balls. They managed to sneak in a couple of runs with just two balls to spare to win the game.

It was an incredibly exciting game, and my heart was pounding throughout!

I am exceptionally proud of all the players. Well done to Jess, Alba, Ami (8CM), Ava, Emily (7AM), Fifi, Isla (8RA), Lauren, Lucy, Martha and Sophie (8CM).

Thanks to Mr Bird for umpiring and coaching and to the parents and staff who came down to support us. What a fantastic atmosphere and afternoon of superb cricket!

Miss K Anderson
Assistant Head of Year