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Year 4 and 5 Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been awarded their Reading Challenge badges during this first half of the summer term:

Summer Term 1
Bronze Mirabella 4EP, Anastasios 4NH, Maxi Go 4NH, Lily 4NH, Joshua 5CC
Silver Freddie 4NH, Mark 4NH, Kitan 4NH, Sofia 4NH, Kasper 5AD
Gold Matilda Cl 5CC, Amy 4NH,
*Gold Advanced Eesan 5JD, Matilda Cl 5CC
Literacy Award Teah 5CC

*Historic Reading Challenge path

NB – efforts have been made to ensure that all those who have received badges this term are named above. If your child’s name has been left out, this is an oversight on my part, and I do apologise. Please contact me; I will ensure they are recognised next time.

A very special well done goes to Teah in 5CC, who has worked hard to complete the challenge, gaining her Literacy Award badge this half term. There have been some wonderfully creative book reviews this half term as well. Here are some of Sofia’s (4NH) illustrations.

As always, we encourage the children to read a range of books that are both entertaining and challenging. Information about the Reading Challenge can be found in the Lower School area on Firefly as well as a recommended reading list for Years 3 – 5 (these are also available in the Library Google Classroom). Year 5 can also look at the Year 6 reading list in preparation for their transfer to Upper School (I will ask Mrs Berry to post a copy of this on the Library Google Classroom).

Miss R Sutherns
Head of Lower School