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Year 8 Transition and Induction to Mill Hill

Transition and induction processes for our Year 8 pupils from Belmont have started at Mill Hill. As part of the transition activities, we had two events and on the first day, Fourth Form pupils visited Year 8 in their form groups and discussed life at Mill Hill and how they found the transition from Belmont to Mill Hill. Year 8 pupils were excited to hear from our pupils as they were in their position last year.

On the second day, Year 8 pupils walked to Mill Hill and met Ms Boyle Assistant Head (Pupil Development and Wellbeing) and Mr Dickin, Deputy Head (Pastoral) in The Large. They then watched a video filmed and edited by Charlie A (Murray House) and Fin M (Weymouth House) ‘A Day in the Life at Mill Hill’, in which they interviewed Mill Hill pupils about a typical day at Mill Hill and highlighted things the Belmont pupils can look forward to.

The sun was shining, which meant all the pupils enjoyed a lovely lunch on Head’s Lawn. During this time, the Year 8 pupils had a chance to ask the Fourth Formers any questions they had about transitioning to Mill Hill.

Overall, the event was a great success. Seeing the Mill Hill pupils support and guide the Belmont pupils to help make their transition to Mill Hill as smooth as possible was lovely. We are really looking forward to welcoming a new set of Fourth Form pupils next academic year.

Mr Selvaraj
Assistant Head of Careers