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Bioasis Trip!

We are delighted to provide you with an update on the ongoing residential trip, Bioasis. Our pupils reached their destination safely and are having an incredible time bonding with one another. 

On the trip, pupils are learning valuable skills related to wildlife conservation. They have been taught how to set up traps and cameras to capture the local wildlife in action. The sense of teamwork and collaboration they are displaying is remarkable. Last night, under the starlit sky, our pupils gathered around a crackling bonfire. They savoured the delightful experience of roasting marshmallows, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. It was a perfect way to wind down after a day filled with adventure and learning.

As we look forward to today’s activities, the pupils are brimming with anticipation. They are eager to embark on further explorations, deepen their knowledge of the local ecosystem, and engage in additional thrilling outdoor adventures.

Mrs Prakash
Deputy Head (Pastoral)