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Grimsdell Pre Prep Awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag!

Grimsdell Pre-Prep has received an Eco-Schools Green Flag. The award recognises all the hard work Grimsdell pupils and staff have done to help protect and look after the environment and grants the school status as an Eco-School. Ms Richards (Year 1 Teacher, Eco and Outdoor Learning Coordinator) was thrilled to share her thoughts on this fantastic award.

“I am so proud of Grimsdell Pre-Prep’s huge achievement in obtaining the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. We have worked incredibly hard on various initiatives involving the entire school community to make a tangible change. Our fantastic Eco Committee helped me to identify areas for development and then spread the message throughout the school. We now recycle and compost; we have protested, litter picked, toy swapped, and much more!

We plan to keep our Eco School status for the foreseeable future by improving our sustainability and protecting our planet.”

Grimsdell Pre-Prep was praised for its exceptional efforts to help the environment; Eco-Schools pointed out that Grimsdell has a ‘strong approach to working on things that will produce visible impact and change’; this was great to hear as the school constantly aims to make positive, eco-friendly changes to help the environment we all live in.