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This week in Music…

Nursery have been on a journey to the Zoo in our music lessons! We travelled there by bus and learnt ‘Reggie’s bus rap’, this rap finishes with the bus driver demonstrating lots of different beeps on the bus horn. The children took on the roles of the driver and lead the class with inventive beeps of their own. The children experimented with dynamics (loud/soft), different rhythms and tempos. We then sang ‘The Animal Fair’ and chose some percussion instruments to enhance the lyrics of the song. They chose the big drum for “the monkey fell out of his bunk”, the wooden agogo bells for “then slid down the elephant’s trunk” and the vibra-slap for “the elephant sneezed”. These instruments really helped to bring the words to life. It is very tempting to play an instrument that is in your hand and the children showed great patience when waiting for a particular line before playing. They are also beginning to show the coordination needed to handle the instruments and them with the correct techniques.