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Year 7 Trip to the Lake District

What an amazing time the Year 7s had in The Lake District! The weather was incredible as was the scenery.

Hill climbing, canoeing, bouldering and ghyll scrambling kept us all busy and entertained; the children challenged themselves and their sinews to achieve things they didn’t know they could.  I am sure that many parents were jealously watching the Twitter feed and wishing they were with us. There was of course some Geography to be done as well, with a river (that was left of one with no rain for a month) survey.

The local park allowed the children to burn off any excess energy they had before bed. There was also an obligatory Geography quiz and Mr McNulty’s famous straw and tape bridge-building activity in the evening. As is tradition, the last night was an exclusive cinema night, this year featuring the Super Mario Brothers. The children collectively singing and filling the auditorium with a beautiful and tuneful rendition of the ‘Peaches’ song was fabulous and provided a lovely end to a memorable few days.

Thank you to all the staff who helped on the trip, and special thanks to Mr Ince who has been a loyal friend and supporter on many trips. He will be missed next year!

Mr A Hayward
Head of Geography