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Year 6 Trip to Moat Mount

On Wednesday, the Year 6 pupils set off on an exciting adventure to the Moat Mount Activities Centre, where they immersed themselves in a morning of teambuilding challenges. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as the pupils tackled a range of intriguing problems, clearly relishing the experience. Here is what they had to say about their morning…

  • I thought that it was a really good trip for teamwork and meeting new people – Patrick (6SB)
  • The trip was fun, and it helped me bond with other people and I made some new friends from other classes – Lily (6SB)
  • The trip was amazing! I loved all the teamwork, hanging out with my new friends and all the help we gave each other – Bradley (6SB)
  • I loved the tightrope – it was so fun because we had to be a team and balance with each other. It was so funny when the rope went up every time someone fell off! – Max (6SM)
  • My highlight was when we had to use the skis to walk together as a team. We all kept falling off and it was so funny – Molly (6SM)
  • It was a great first school trip and I got to make loads of new friends – Abe (6GJ)
  • It was really fun, and it was a good way to build friendships with some of the new pupils and bond with everyone else – Sophie (6GJ)
  • I loved the activity with the tightrope because it was so fun – Jack (6FB)
  • The trip was really fun. The groups were really small which meant everyone got a go and got to know each other really well – Reuben (6FB)

Miss R Alderton
Head of Year 6