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Geography trip to Stratford

On 28 September, 87 Fifth Form Geographers set off to Stratford to undertake an investigation into the sustainability of East Village as part of the Olympic Park redevelopment. We were blessed with good weather and the IGCSE geographers got straight to work on their data collection. They carried out sustainability assessments, land use surveys and questionnaires to consider the regeneration in the Olympic Park area. This investigation forms part of the AQA Paper 3 Assessment, where students must answer questions on their Human fieldwork. Having collected sufficient data, the Fifth Form enjoyed lunch at Westfield, Stratford, and then set off to explore the surrounding area. By visiting Hackney Wick, we were able to contrast East Village with the surrounding environment. Here we explored using new digital data collection techniques with the Survey 123 app. This allowed us to collate data from all the Fifth form and map the results in real time. Since undertaking their field visit, the ICGSE Geographers have analysed their results to draw conclusions. They have applied their understanding to write detailed evaluations in preparation for the Paper 3 Exam in May 2023. Here are some quotes from Fifth Form Geographers about the day……

“I think that the Stratford trip greatly enhanced my GCSE studies. We had the opportunity to witness firsthand the successful regeneration and sustainability improvements in The East Village in the Olympic Park, complementing what we had learnt about the Olympic Park in remove, and therefore my understanding of the topic has depended significantly. My highlight of the trip was interviewing East Village residents for our sustainability questionnaire, gaining diverse perspectives on how sustainable/safe East Village is. Personally, I would recommend visiting The Olympic Park/East Village, due to its clean and spacious environment, offering a peaceful atmosphere in contrast to the crowded and busy Central London, whilst still having plenty of shops and restaurants to cater to the community’s needs”.  Jess S (McClure).

“I really enjoyed the trip to Stratford, it allowed me to broaden my knowledge on sustainability and human geography in general. The best part of the visit was interviewing members of the public as their insights into life in the East Village gave me real world opinions and ideas on sustainability, it also gave me a deeper understanding of our fieldwork too. I also enjoyed collecting the sustainability assessment data on my phone – it was very interesting to see all of the data compiled and presented. “ Caroline M (School).

Mrs Gilbert
Head of Geography