fb-pixel Paul Raschid teaches pupils about the Film industry | Mill Hill Schools


Renowned film director Paul Raschid, teaches pupils about the Film industry.

Mill Hill School buzzed with excitement, as renowned film director Paul Raschid graced the Patrick Troughton Theatre, engaging pupils with his vast knowledge of the film industry and his experiences as a filmmaker. His visit was a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing young talent and providing them with insights into the dynamic world of cinema with his inspiring talk.

Eager Millhillians, with dreams of making it big in the film industry, gathered to hear the director share his cinematography journey. With an impressive repertoire of films under his belt, he effortlessly captivated his audience, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of filmmaking. One such highlight was his discussion on the art of writing a screenplay. He emphasised the importance of a strong narrative and compelling characters, illustrating how these elements serve as the foundation for any successful film, demystifying the craft for the aspiring writers in the audience.

Paul also shared the tools he uses when directing films, shedding light on the technical aspects of the industry. His expertise in utilising cutting-edge technology in his interactive movies and innovative techniques fascinated the young minds, sparking their curiosity about the possibilities of filmmaking outside of the traditional ‘box’. His most recent film has been nominated for BAFTA Cymru. The director’s ability to bridge the gap between creativity and technology resonated deeply with the audience, encouraging them to explore the diverse facets of the film industry.

The talk also offered a unique opportunity for pupils to explore his filmography. They were treated to a cinematic journey through his unique style of storytelling, which was passionate, infectious, and inspirational. Through anecdotes and behind-the-scenes glimpses, Paul brought his films to life, offering valuable lessons about the collaborative nature of filmmaking and the importance of teamwork.

Paul’s visit left an indelible mark on Mill Hill School’s budding filmmakers. Inspired by his words, pupils engaged in spirited discussions about their own cinematic aspirations, empowered by the realisation that the film industry’s vast possibilities were within their reach. As they embark on their creative journeys, Paul’s wisdom serves as a guiding light, reminding them that with passion, dedication, and knowledge, they can turn their dreams into compelling cinematic realities.

Mr Minett
Head of ICT & Computer Science