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Act of Remembrance 2023

In commemoration of the fallen, Mill Hill School recently held its annual Call to Remembrance Service, an occasion that brought together the school community in solemn reflection. The event, marking the school’s commitment to honouring those who valiantly served in wars, unfolded with a sequence of meaningful ceremonies.

The Call to Remembrance Service commenced with a dignified entrance by the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), setting the tone for the gravity of the occasion. This was followed by the unveiling of an Art Installation in the serene surroundings of the Chapel Garden. The installation serves as a tribute to the Mill Hill School pupils who bravely served their country during times of conflict.

As the atmosphere resonated with reverence, pupils, staff, and distinguished guests gathered at the Gate of Honour for a moment of profound silence. This interlude was a shared reflection on the sacrifices made by those who have gone before us. Mr. Benson, the Head of Mill Hill School, delivered a heartfelt speech, giving importance of the significance to remembrance and the enduring impact of past conflicts on the school and its community.

The laying of wreaths was a central act in the proceedings, symbolising collective respect and remembrance. Pupils, staff, CCF members, the Court of Governors, and Old Millhillians participated in this symbolic gesture, creating a visually striking tribute that adorned the Gate of Honour. The procession that followed, with everyone walking through the Gate of Honour, served as a symbolic passage through history.

The culmination of the day took place within the great walls of the Chapel, where a Service of Remembrance unfolded. The sacred space resonated with solemnity as the Mill Hill School community came together to pay homage to the fallen.

Reflecting on the day, Mr. David Benson, the Head of Mill Hill School, remarked, “The service was beautifully delivered and had a profound effect on the pupils, staff, and Old Millhillians who attended. A number of local residents also watched from The Ridgeway. Few schools can hold such a moving and large scale event – it made me proud to be part of Mill Hill School.”

As Mill Hill School commemorates this day of remembrance, it stands as a testament to the enduring values of honour, sacrifice, and unity that continue to define its community. The Call to Remembrance Service not only honours the past but also serves as a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility to strive for a future marked by peace and understanding.