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Berlin Cultural Tour

Leading a group of twenty-two enthusiastic Year 8 students through Berlin over the half-term break was an absolute joy. Berlin, a city brimming with cultural significance, captivated us with its rich history and an abundance of activities to explore.

During our four-day expedition, we delved into various attractions. Our itinerary included visits to The Spy Museum, an intriguing graffiti tour, an awe-inspiring exploration of The Pergamon Museum showcasing the magnificent Ishtar Gate, a river cruise along the Spree, a visit to the Sanssouci Palace and Potsdam, and an adventure through the Babelsberg Film Studio.

The trip concluded with a visit to the Reichstag, where we sampled some delicious cuisine at the Neue Food Market.

Reflecting on the experience, the Pergamon Museum stood out as a personal highlight for me. The grandeur of the Ishtar Gate, an ancient wonder, coupled with the enthralling history behind its excavation and installation within the museum, left an indelible impression. Our timing couldn’t have been better, as the museum is now closed for a three-year refurbishment. Moreover, I had a couple of noteworthy moments, including being recognised as an official tour guide by the museum and getting interviewed alongside Mrs Bridge for a Berlin radio station – proving that I might indeed possess the perfect face for radio!

I hope that the children found inspiration in what they witnessed, crafting some lovely memories of exploring Berlin with their peers. Trips like this not only broaden children’s education but also foster a sense of independence.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff who sacrificed their holiday time to accompany us on the trip: Mrs Bridge’s impeccable German and navigation skills, Mrs. Smith’s historical insights, and Mrs Miller’s attentive oversight of all medical concerns were invaluable.

Alles Gute!

Herr J McNulty
Head of Art