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Upper School Workshops

Yesterday, Andrew Hampton visited the school to talk to the Upper School boys about the challenges and pressures confronting young men today, placing special emphasis on navigating issues linked to masculinity. He spoke about the importance of creating cultures of mutual respect in schools and posed questions to the pupils on how they want to create this within their individual year groups. We were also lucky enough to be joined by some Sixth Formers from Mill Hill, who attended one of the talks and then planned and led a session with some of the Year 7 boys.

Alongside this, Miss Alderton and Ms Subhani also led sessions for the girls.

Miss Alderton introduced the girls to the Girls on Board programme. One of the most significant concerns for girls is the fear of isolation, particularly as they navigate the challenges of friendship dynamics during adolescence. Girls frequently express that adult intervention in friendship issues can sometimes exacerbate the situation, given the intricate and layered nature of female relationships.

The Girls on Board strategy aims to empower the girls to independently navigate and manage these friendship issues. Follow-up sessions will provide guidance and support in implementing this approach. For additional information, refer to Andrew Hampton’s book, ‘When Girls Fall Out.’

Year 7 girls engaged in a Girls Lean In session (GLISS) led by Ms Subhani, aimed to enlighten them about the evolving role of females in our dynamic world.

The primary goal of the GLISS session was to empower the girls to delve into the significance of friendships in their lives and equip them with strategies to assert their voices.

During the session, the girls participated in an activity that involved examining the contrast between stereotypes and the actual reality of how women are portrayed. They not only thoroughly enjoyed this activity but also found it to be remarkably thought-provoking.