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Year 3 & 4 Maths trip to Keble

On Tuesday, a group of six children from Years 3 and 4 had the privilege of participating in a Maths Challenge hosted at Keble, a fellow school within the Mill Hill Education Group. Lyonsdown and St Joseph’s in the Park also joined us, making it a fantastic collaborative opportunity for the schools to engage in a fun and exciting mathematical challenge.

The challenge comprised four rounds of questions, encompassing various problem-solving, estimating, and calculating tasks. All the children displayed exceptional teamwork and served as excellent representatives of Belmont; they should take pride in their commendable efforts. We hope that the experience was enjoyable for them, and we look forward to having more events with the other schools in the future.

Well done to Kai, Laoise, Emre, Ayomide, Angel and Theo!

Ms N Cregg
Lower School Maths Coordinator