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Hard Time: Shaun Attwood

As part of our Sixth Form Lecture Series, our pupils had the opportunity to hear from Shaun Attwood, who shared his journey from becoming a stock market millionaire to experiencing life in America’s toughest jail. Shaun’s purpose is to share his remarkable story with young individuals, offering a glimpse into the realities of being incarcerated. His talk was incredibly enlightening and thought-provoking, shedding light on the severe consequences of drug abuse and unveiling the harsh aspects of prison life.

Upon moving to Phoenix, Arizona, for a career in finance, Shaun climbed the corporate ladder, achieving success as a stockbroker and later as a millionaire day trader. With extra money at his disposal, he dived into the rave scene and got entangled with illegal substances, eventually leading to a struggle with drug addiction. Despite realising he was breaking the law, Shaun continued down this path, thinking he would not get caught.

Consequently, Shaun was arrested and thrown in the Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Jail. Shaun openly shared the brutal conditions he faced, including cockroach infestations, corrupt guards, and extreme violence. Despite his release, Shaun is permanently banned from America, China, Japan, and Hong Kong. This educated our pupils the serious realities of involvements with drugs, forcing them to reflect on how their actions can shape their futures.

However, it was truly inspiring to learn how this challenging experience has shaped Shaun, motivating him to educate others through speeches and published works. During his prison term, he wrote blogs that were later published as ‘Jon’s Jail Journal,’ documenting his experiences. Shaun has since written multiple books, with some of the proceeds being donated to charity. We express our deep gratitude for Shaun’s candid and insightful talk, recognising its power in broadening our pupils’ perspectives and teaching valuable life lessons.