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Online Poetry Workshop With Michael Rosen

Earlier this week, along with 200 schools worldwide, 6SB participated in a live Michael Rosen online poetry workshop.

The workshop was facilitated by 64 Million Artists, a collective which invites everyone in the UK to explore their creative potential.

Michael Rosen is a famous author and poet and it was fantastic to watch and listen to him develop his poetry ideas.

Children were asked to create poems using their earliest childhood memories thinking about rhyme, rhythm, effect, songwriting – verse and chorus and rap.

This was a wonderful event, and we were lucky to get one of the hottest tickets in education yesterday.

My First Memories

Hungry, hungry, hungry
Lost my lunch

Now someone else’s is gone too

Click, click, click

Family taking many photos

To look back at and say that was me and you

By Lily

Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip!

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The sky is grey

To my dismay

Without any sunray

and nothing to play!

By Jackson

Run, run, run, towards flowers

Pick, pick, pick, for my mum

At Bumble Bee Nursery we played

Three little pigs!

Someone dropped a dolls house on my toe


By Alyssa

Mr J McNulty, Head of Art