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Annie Price: Out of the Ashes

We had the pleasure of welcoming Annie Price, a TV Presenter, Fitness Trainer, and founder of Well Woman Club. At three weeks old, Annie was left in a caravan that was set alight; she sustained life-changing injuries. Annie was saved by her grandmother and taken to emergency care. Amazingly, she survived and spent a few years in foster care. She spoke to the pupils honestly and passionately, describing some of her difficulties and remarkable achievements.

Annie has told her motivational story in schools, talks, and BBC documentaries. The documentaries Annie: Out of the Ashes and Tiredness, Tears and Tantrums: Diary Of A New Mum’ go into detail about Annie’s childhood and adult life, as well as what she found out later about her biological family.

In the talk, Annie told the pupils about her top life tips.

  • Be Positive: You must practice reacting positively even when you don’t want to be positive. Exercise this in minor situations.
  • Gratitude: Cultivating a way of seeing things and appreciating every situation.
  • Just be/Meditate: Set a timer of 3, 5, or 10 minutes to learn to let your thoughts come and do not react to them.
  • You are Your Biggest Impact!

She went into more detail and discussed that growing up, she always believed that her mother had tried to kill her, as she was mixed-race and her biological mum came from a traveller family. However, when she was researching for one of the documentaries, she spoke to a fireman who had been there at the scene in 1986 and said that it was likely a gas fire set alight by cushions and that her grandmother rescued her. In the ’80s, caravan fires were extremely common, with around 2000 fires each year.

It wasn’t until later that she found that her biological mother had died in a house fire; although she had called 999 to be saved, she died a week later in hospital due to multiple organ failure because of 65% burns; this was the same amount of burns that Annie suffered.

She also explained that her foster mother fought hard to adopt her and ensure that she grew up in a supportive, happy, and normal home. It took six years for her to be adopted, and she expressed that she is extremely thankful for her family.