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Chinese New Year

Celebrating Diversity

The Student Council took the lead in planning and organising the Lunar New Year festivities, creating an inclusive experience for everyone in our school. During the assembly, Petr V (Collinson), Rayyan K (Burton Bank), and Hadi N (Ridgeway) explained the cultural importance of why the Lunar New Year is celebrated. Ricky L (Ridgeway) shared interesting things about the customs in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, while Christy C (Oak) took us on a cultural journey through Vietnam. Haejoon Y (Collinson) and Bond S (Burton Bank) talked about celebrations in Korea and Thailand. To wrap it up, Ryan S (Burton Bank) told us about the Lunar New Year customs in Singapore, showcasing the variety of traditions in our diverse school.

Three solo performances

Kendwa K (Macgregor) wrote and read her beautifully composed poem, capturing the spirit of Lunar New Year celebrations. Jacky Z (Ridgeway) delighted everyone with a special performance, setting the perfect tone for the festivities with a celebratory song. The stage came alive as Jimmy L (Ridgeway) showcased his dancing talents. Both pupils and teachers enjoyed the performances, making the Lunar New Year celebration memorable.

Interactive Fun: Quiz, Fortune Cookies, and Surprises

David E (Oak) designed an engaging quiz where the audience actively participated, testing their knowledge about Lunar New Year traditions. As a sweet reward, fortune cookies were distributed, bringing luck and smiles to everyone present. Underneath the chairs, Vova C (Oak) cleverly hid surprise messages containing fun facts, adding an extra layer of excitement to the assembly. Clara Z (Collinson) and Jimmy L (Ridgeway) won the best dressed competition and will be receiving a Head’s Commendation in our next assembly.

The assembly concluded on a high note with everyone taking a bow together, symbolising the unity and spirit of our school community.

Mrs Prakash
Deputy Head (Pastoral)