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Meet Ms Yang

We were thrilled to meet with Ms Natalie Yang, the Director of Music at Belmont. We spoke to Ms Yang to learn more about her and her role. 

How long have you worked at the school?  

As of now, I will have nearly completed my first term!  

What does your role involve?  

As director of music, my role involves making sure that music is at the heart of the school. A lot of pupils and staff have probably heard the sound of recorders, ukuleles and djembes coming from the quad. Hopefully, the noise hasn’t made anyone go deaf yet! I also make sure that pupils have every opportunity to perform in the many various concerts we have throughout the year. The sing out choir are especially excited to travel to Belgium next year for their first international choir tour!  

What is your favourite thing at the school?  

I was at my previous school for nearly five years, so coming to a new school, I felt quite nervous at the prospect of meeting new teachers and pupils. However, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of me, including parents who have emailed to say welcome to the school, which is a morale booster. Of course, I have to mention the absolutely delicious food!    

Do you have any advice for our pupils which could help them to get the most out of their time at the school?  

Take it all in and immerse yourself in as many things as you can. When I look back on my school days, I wish I had tried more activities and clubs. The pupils at Belmont are so incredibly fortunate to have all these amazing opportunities at their fingertips, so I would definitely encourage pupils to give everything a try, even if it is just the one time.   

What is your favourite book and film for our pupils and why?  

I am such a big Harry Potter fan, as I think we all need a little magic in our lives. I grew up reading the books and it reminds me of being young and wishing that magic really did exist.   

Could you share an inspirational quote with us? How does it inspire you?  

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. This quote really inspires me as I have really learned to appreciate the smaller moments in life and cherish those memories.  

Can you tell us something that we might not know about you?  

As an avid reader, I can finish reading three books daily!