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Year 5 Design & Technology Trip

Bee, Ben, Tara and I were lucky enough to go to St John’s School for a wonderful day of DT and engineering. We were challenged to make a Wobble Bot based on biomimicry, so Ben and I made a spider and Bee and Tara worked on and made a fox.

First, we had to make our electronic circuit, attaching the motor, battery, switch and CAM (for the wobble) together. Then we drew our detailed designs and a plan for each step of the process. We were very eco-friendly, using recycled materials to create our Wobble Bots. There were about 10 schools represented, so lots of other children for us to get to know and work with. At the end, we raced our Wobble Bots and celebrated everyone’s achievement. It was a fun, interesting and a great day.