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Dan Burman, a professional Actor and Fight Choreographer visits Mill Hill

We recently had the honour of hosting Dan Burman, a seasoned professional actor and fight choreographer with an impressive resume of working on numerous Hollywood films. This special occasion unfolded as Dan conducted an immersive four-hour workshop, delving into the art of fight and stunt choreography. The workshop was a unique opportunity for our pupils to gain insights into the world of realistic-looking fight scenes for both stage and screen.

During the hands-on experience, Dan Burman shared his wealth of knowledge, guiding our pupils through the intricacies of physical acting and the nuances of executing believable fight sequences. As an industry expert, Dan emphasized the importance of safety in choreographed fights, instilling valuable lessons that extend beyond the realm of entertainment. The workshop not only provided a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood magic but also empowered our pupils with practical skills and a deeper understanding of the artistry involved in bringing action-packed scenes to life.

The impact of Dan Burman’s workshop on our pupils was palpable, sparking a newfound appreciation for the meticulous planning and attention to detail required in the world of fight and stunt choreography. Our pupils left the workshop with enriched knowledge and a sense of inspiration, eager to apply their newfound skills to the short film they are filming for the London Schools Film Competition.