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Head for the Day – Ollie G

In Assembly, I said good morning to Upper School and Lower School and then handed out the Headmaster’s Commends to the pupils who had done well in their learning. I also got to read out the scores of the House Debating Competition.

I joined the Senior Management Team Meeting later on, where I was asked about my opinion on the laptops that Belmont is planning to introduce next year.  So, I decided to ask how they going to be monitored and checked so that they knew what children had been doing.

I also brought up a matter that I have with the table tennis tables. The matter is that now the year fives started playing the Year 6s have had less of a chance to play so we discussed that maybe we could get some extra tables so both years can play.

I mentioned that the step in the Reading Garden needs to be painted a brighter colour so that it can be easily seen, and Mr Tongue has said that he will get this done.

After that, the SMT asked what the qualities of a new Head would be I said that they had to be good at public speaking and must be kind and generous.

I had lunch in the Rooker Roberts Room with Mr Roberts. The lunch I had was incredible – the main meal was chicken with a cheese layer on top sprinkled in breadcrumbs and for pudding, I had pastry with cream and raspberry in the middle, and to top that off there was chocolate syrup on the top. The thing that made me really happy was that I got to share this with two of my friends.

On the Learning Walk, which I went on with Mrs Lumsden, we went round to other classes to see how they were behaving. Then someone asked me about homework, and I said that think that we had too much and that maybe we could only have 3 pieces of homework instead of 5.

Whilst I was writing this for the Newsletter, I got interviewed by two nice ladies from Marketing who took pictures of me in Mr Roberts’ office. This has been the most fun school day for me, and everyone has been really nice to me.

Ollie G
Year 6