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Kagoshima Konan Visit

We were delighted to welcome pupils from Kagoshima Konan School in Japan to our school recently. This cultural exchange began in 2016, and we are pleased to have sustained it, reintroducing it to our pupils once more. A group of ten visiting pupils, along with their teachers, commenced their day with the Friday Chapel service. During break time, our Prefects led the guests on a tour of the school, facilitating exchanges of stories about their experiences and cultures. It provided a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to develop their intercultural understanding and communication skills.

Our guests thoroughly enjoyed participating in Ms Kater’s English lesson alongside our Year 10 pupils. Since it was World Book Day, pupils shared their favourite books and discussed why they enjoyed reading them. Pupils recommended books to each other based on personal interests and reading habits. We were impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity that the pupils brought to the lesson while working together. 

Later, our Japanese visitors gave a presentation to our pupils with Ms Ashcroft about their typical school day in Japan, their culture, and notable places to visit. It was fascinating to learn about the differences and similarities between our educational systems and daily life. 

We are grateful to our Japanese visitors for sharing their insights with us. This visit has sparked curiosity in our pupils and inspired them to learn more about other cultures. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Kagoshima Konan School in the future. Visits like this are crucial to demonstrate the importance of these broader connections and to enhance the global sense of community. 

Mrs Prakash
Deputy Head (Pastoral)