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Mr A Albrecht: 30 Years of Commitment

We were thrilled to speak with Mr Anthony Albrecht, Cover Supervisor, about his recent reward for completing 30 years of service as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer!

What is the reward for?

It is a reward for completing 30 years of service as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. You get presented the Cadet Force Medal after 12 years of service, and every six years you receive a bar, so 12 years for a medal and 18 years for three bars, total 30 years. This was my third bar that I have received.

How many medals have you received?

I have so far have received seven medals in my military career, and should be in line for the Coronation medal some time during 2024.

How many years have you worked with Mill Hill?

I have been working with Mill Hill for 18 years, having started January 2006 (Self employed, one day a week), to full time, twinned with being a Cover Supervisor. I started in my present post as of September 2014.

How does it feel to be recognised for your contributions to the CCF?

It feels very good to be recognised by anyone for anything, especially the Combined Cadet Force. I also received a Certificate of Commendation from Regional Cadet Force Association in September 2021.

What motivated you to join the CCF, and how has your journey been so far?

I had previously completed 22 years of service in The Regular Army (Infantry), and quite frankly had a brilliant time, visited many countries, met so many people and had a awful lot of fun on the way, of course it wasn’t all “roses”, getting involved in many conflicts and doing what you were paid to do, but I felt I would like to give back to youth of today in the guise of the Cadet Force. Before I left the Regular Army I enrolled in the Combined Cadet Force and worked at Highgate School, Forest School, Aldenham School and finally Mill Hill School, hence the 30 years.

Finally, is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge for their support throughout your journey in the CCF?

Who to thank, wow that is a big question, basically everyone I have met, but in particular at Mill Hill School, my boss Major Anthony Norrington, who keeps me on the straight and narrow, and is the bed rock of the current Mill Hill School Combined Cadet Force. There are so many individuals which I couldn’t even start to thank, but would like to say, all the cadets I have met, they have kept me young and will always make me laugh.

Fritzy (Anthony) Albrecht
Cover Supervisor and CCF