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Preparations for the London Schools’ Film Competition

We are thrilled to share the exciting developments within our Video and Film Production Society at Mill Hill School. Our talented pupils are currently working on a horror film for the London Schools’ Film Competition, promising a cinematic experience filled with thrills and literal spills. The film is being produced by Calin T (Priestley), directed by William G (Winfield) and has 18 supporting film crew. The film stars Aliyah E (School), Arthur H (Priestley), Carl T-G (McClure), Francis N (Weymouth), Zachary F-P (Murray) and Zoe S (Priestley), plus over 30 extras and our very own Mr Gatherer (Director of Theatrical Performance), Mr Crocker (Teacher of Computer Science & ICT / Business), Mr McMahon(Teacher of Computer Science & ICT / Business), Ms Newman (Receptionist) as well as an appearance by myself.

In preparation for this ambitious project, we were fortunate to have two industry professionals join us to impart their knowledge and skills to our pupils. Hannah Wing, a renowned film and stage makeup artist, conducted two sessions on special effects makeup. Our pupils learned how to create realistic bruises, cuts and wounds under her expert guidance. These sessions not only equipped them with practical skills but also gave them a glimpse into the meticulous detail that goes into film production.

We also had the privilege of hosting Dan Burman, a professional actor and fight choreographer who has worked on numerous Hollywood films. Dan conducted a four-hour workshop on fight and stunt choreography, teaching our pupils how to execute realistic-looking fight scenes for stage and screen. This hands-on experience was invaluable in helping our pupils understand the intricacies of physical acting and the importance of safety in choreographed fights.

These workshops have been instrumental in equipping our pupils with industry-level skills and enhancing their understanding of the filmmaking process. We believe that such experiences not only enrich their learning but also inspire them to explore their creative potential.

We look forward to sharing the final product of their hard work and dedication. We are confident that the horror film will be a testament to our pupils’ creativity, resilience, and teamwork. We hope you are as excited as we are to see their vision come to life on the big screen, even if some of you may need to watch the film between your fingers.

Thank you for your continued support of our pupils and their endeavours. I am passionate about bringing professional-level filmmaking to the School in new and exciting ways. At Mill Hill School, we firmly believe in the importance of a well-rounded education, and the arts play a crucial role in this. Unlike many schools that are unfortunately having to reduce or even close their arts provision, we are committed to not only maintaining but also enhancing our arts output. We understand that the arts are not just about learning to draw, act, dance, or play an instrument but about encouraging creativity, fostering empathy, and building resilience. They are about providing our pupils with a platform to express themselves and explore new perspectives, and this is something we do fantastically at the School.

Lee Minett

Head of Computing, ICT, Computer Science and Digital Media and Design

Foundation Digital Media Coordinator