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Annual Chemistry Olympiad Competition

The Chemistry Department is proud to announce its remarkable success in the annual Chemistry Olympiad competition. The results achieved demonstrate the exceptional talents and dedication of our chemistry pupils. Among the standout achievements were multiple gold, silver and bronze awards earned by Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth pupils.

Our Upper Sixth pupils’ achievements were as follows: Neha J (Priestley) and Ishani S (School) yet again demonstrated their passion and profound understanding of chemistry concepts. Their ability to apply these concepts in challenging scenarios secured them prestigious gold awards.  Helena C (Priestley), Nikhil S (Murray), Edgar G (Priestley) and Jihyun K (Macgregor) displayed remarkable prowess earning well deserved silver awards. Their achievements reflect not only their exceptional knowledge of chemistry but also their analytical skills and problem-solving abilities, which are all essential qualities for success in the field.

We are equally delighted to acknowledge the accomplishments of two Lower Sixth form pupils, Aryan DB (Weymouth) and Xuyang C (Ridgeway) who secured bronze awards, marking a promising start to their journey in the Olympiad which will continue next year. 

We would like to congratulate all of the Chemistry Olympiad participants and we are looking forward to more success next year.